The car is now in Norway, and the country tax was paid(25%). So next step was the traffic authorities in Norway. The result from them was a letter that said everything with the car was wrong or lack of documentation. The Czech documentation was wrong and the base documentation from the US could not be used because they could register whatever in the way they liked. So for Replica cars here in Norway there is a group called SFOOR that has to judge the car and its documentation. The answer from them where very complementary. So now I had something to work with.

To do list
  • missing bar tag
  • missing production year
  • missing construction documentation
  • missing engine documentation
  • explain VIN number
  • missing 3 point seat belts
  • The problem was the only thing that was related to traffic safty was the seat belts. I thought that was the main issue. But it seems to be documentation. So this was the start of an email burst. I have now sent over 1000 mail and have a book of documentation. But still there were issues.

  • The year that the kit has been sold
  • noise documentation
  • Speedo in km/t
  • total wight /axel
  • So after almost 2 years, a lot of trips to the traffic authorities, over 1000 emails, a lot of help from CAV (Cape Advanced Vehicles) and a lot of experience the car got a title. The final data is an early CAV with an GTD frame and an 4,2 l V8